Mohmmad Dabbas in the yellow T-shirt, the founding managing partner, is a very competitive leader, when it comes to work, deals with it as a championship, which infuses the atmosphere with energy that fuels vision and day-to-day operations.


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My way of aiding business success is by combining business, brand, marketing, and promotional strategy in a comprehensive method.

Driven by three principles, following a scientific/evidence-based/best-practice approach, second, dynamic dashing towards implementing initiatives and programs, and third, by implementing an aesthetic presence on activities.

I believe in thriving to succeed, and I believe that there is nearly always a way, and this is what fuels!

We are obsessed in terms of success factors, we don’t believe in luck, our investment in growing and implementing our knowledge and experience base is fundamental.

We consider the market as warfare, we have alliances with our clients, we fight together to grow and conquer new markets, our passion for winning is a soul thing.

An exceptional combination that employs our standards of beauty and sophistication, two drivers that oxygenate our organization to empower the business activities of our clients.

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“One of the strongest entrepreneurs in MENA.”

Mohammad Abu Alsoud