Bounty Hunters Vs. Visionary Businessmen

Updated: May 3, 2021

A fast-forwarded free trip into both’s future!

This is not a personal development article, the fact that the word “Visionary” lost its meaning is because of how much emphasis was put into this concept until we reached a point it became boring, second, and out of neediness, is because XX% of people think only for the moment.

While some businessmen enjoy access to capital to invest in various business concepts, only a few have the luxury of focus and vision, bounty hunters are the people who hit the market with a trending product idea and ride the growth curve in its product lifecycle, then after they skim the profits, they get out of the business, It’s like going fishing with a freelance fisher team and rent equipment all in a disposable boat.

Now, let’s talk about the future from a strategic perspective, this is deep, let’s go!

Ideas are enormous, some are easy to achieve and some are hard, in both scenarios, if you could do it, somebody will copy you at the end, and not just that, they will either provide more features, lower their prices, target markets you didn’t, or all of the above!

Take, #Kiri and #almarai, while Kiri came to the world with the distinguished creamy squared cheese, Almarai copied that product easily and provided it to its market by leveraging their economies of scale, does this affect Kiri, Yes and No, Kiri is part of Bel Group, a company with a strong and rich portfolio of cheese brands.

Now let’s assume that the making of the squared creamy cheese is accessible to a percentage of businessmen in terms of know-how and financial capacity, in this case, let's consider the bounty hunters are Kiri-like companies with the new product idea, and the copier tp be Alamari, could a bounty hunter withstand Alamari introducing your exact product with lower pricing and more, take this, higher economies of scale, economies of scope, economies of agglomeration, economies of density, and economies of transportation, now that business needs a mercy bullet, as its exit barriers are high!

In contrast, companies like Almarai, what they do when some small companies introduce successful similar products with a competitive value proposition (price, features, or both), is acquiring the business, but other copiers with fragile business models go out of business watching their boats sink in front of eyes without seeing it because they are looking for another fishing spot, and repeat!

Businessmen should decide, am I going to spend my life jumping between industries, hiring project-based teams or should I have a vision, after this trip to the future, the call is yours!

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