(Careem+Carrefour) x Talabat

Updated: May 2, 2021

While #Talabat is focusing on getting as many orders per day “which is the industry’s most looked for KPI”, #Careem is doing the same, but while Careem’s fleet is owned by its drivers, some of Talabat’s is owned by the company, which is -form financial strategic perspective- a liability that affects business profitability.

Talabat has started their own hyper stores, they are buying in mass to have another revenue stream (profits from selling products), which is risky to other key players including supermarkets, hypermarkets, and other delivery companies like Careem.

For now, Talabat’s competitive advantage is controlling the demand side (the customer) and benefiting from delivery fees and sales of their owned groceries, this is a problem for other key players in the market, but it will threaten them when Talabat can leverage the economies of scale when the demand reaches a threshold that gives them leverage with suppliers to cultivate bigger profits in bigger orders.

My #strategy to limit their impact if Careem or carrefour were my clients, is a strategic partnership to get #carrefour products only in Careem, while they both inject money into marketing investment & in enhancing the CX, otherwise, whoever was my client, we will find them a way!

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