You can avoid failure, succeed in the short and long term!

1- Unprofitable business model. Providing a valuable offering that appeals to a wide range of consumers, however, you need to spend a lot of money to market it as you face a lot of competition, resulting in a mere break-even. 2- Small market. The fancy blue ocean strategy made some people thrilled to serve a nitch so well that only a few could afford their offerings, resulting in a very low volume of sales that could compensate high cost of operations. 3- Neglect. Starting a business is an overwhelming experience that drains the founders' energy to keep an eye on everything happening underneath, then, as day to day operations are hardly having an impact in the long run, Businesses fail for various reasons, in spite of all knowledge available with regards to product engineering, technological advancements, and availability of resources, having a solid strategy could save you your business and your inner energy, invest in the right business


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